amputee-surgery-recovery-coverWhether it is the result of trauma, illness, or a military injury, the loss of a limb is emotionally and physically challenging right after surgery and for years afterward.  Amputees often must relearn essential life skills, manage pain and discomfort, and cope with grief over the lost limb. Although the ongoing emotional effects of an amputation vary, the immediate and lifetime physical challenges are similar for most patients.

Though each patient experiences a different path to recovery, every amputee faces some common challenges.  This e-book provides valuable information for amputees who have recently undergone surgery and for those already living with prosthetic limbs.

From this ebook, you will gain: 

  • Insight on the various factors that play a role in the speed of amputation healing and recovery 
    after surgery 

  • Greater understanding of the value and limitations of the different treatment options available 
    for addressing recovery challenges 

  • How the use of cold therapy with active compression therapy accelerates recovery, is longer-
    lasting, and improves amputees' overall quality of life


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