Download The Game Ready Guide to New Cryotherapy Techniques

What are the benefits of using newer cryotherapy techniques?new-cryotherapy-techniques-guide-cover

Modern technology has made major strides that allow you to enhance the benefits of cryotherapy for your patients. With newer cryotherapy systems, you can recommend a more effective therapy method beyond ice packs, ice baths, or hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy techniques. Accelerating recovery after an injury is essential for returning to normal activity as soon as possible. 

This eBook is designed to help you do just that. You will learn: 

  • Types of injuries and medical conditions that cryotherapy aids
  • Disadvantages of traditional cryotherapy solutions
  • Different types of active cold and compression systems and specialized wraps
  • Benefits of using active cold and compression systems

If you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist, or orthopedic surgeon, this guide will provide you with supplemental information about the background and benefits of cryotherapy.

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